New Laser Cutting Capabilities

Nov 25, 2019

Midwest Control Products Corp has added a 4KW laser to it's in-house manufacturing capabilities.  Send inquires to

New Catalog

Dec 17, 2018

We have a new catalog for OEM's and Distributors.

New Website

May 09, 2018

Welcome to our new website! It's been 8 years since our last major website upgrade. If you are a returning customer, your previous login information should still be usable. If you have any questions about our new website, feel free to email us at

Complex Wire Forms

Mar 09, 2018

March 8, 2018: Midwest Control Products Corp is a very diversified manufacturer.  Core in-house material fabricating capabilities for bar, flat bar, plate, tubing, cable, wire rope, and fabrics. Niche processes include swaging, forging, upset forging, robotic welding, cold heading, powder painting, roll threading, cut threading, cable crimping, fabric cutting and sewing, hydrographic dipping, laser cutting, laser etching.  Largest Press: 350 tons. Multiple robotic mig and tig welders. 140,000 square feet. 300+ unique machining, forming and fabricating machines.  Niche volumes: 

  • Wire Forms & Tube Fabrications: 100 to 5,000 per run, 100 to 25,000 per year
  • Push-Pull Cables: 1 to 1,000 per run, 1 to 12,000 per year
  • Spherical Rod End Bearings: 1 to 50,000 per order, 1 to 400,000 per year
  • Forged Yoke Ends, Standard: 1 to 50,000 per order, 1 to 400,000 per year
  • Forged Yoke End, Custom Machining: 100 to 5,000 per order, 100 to 70,000 per year
  • Cargo Nets: 10 to 1000 per order
  • Sewn Fabrics: 10 to 1000 per order
  • Ball Joints: 1 to 50,000 per order, 1 to 400,000 per year

1/4-28 Zinc Clear Hex Free Ball Joint

Dec 06, 2017

Midwest Control Products Corp is now offering a zinc clear hex free 1/4-28 RH female ball joint with dust shield.

Forged Yoke Ends

Aug 09, 2017

MCP forges and machines hundreds of different standard and custom forged yoke ends. Since 1979, MCP has sold millions of yoke ends and clevises to OEM's, end users and distributors.  Pricing, dimensions, and inventory levels are shown online. For larger volumes, contact us directly at

Website Maintenance Complete

Aug 09, 2017

All USA prices should be available again. Thanks!

Website Maintenance

Aug 09, 2017

Our website will not be showing pricing for a few hours while we do some maintenance on the site.  Please check back shortly - all prices will be visible later today.


Jun 08, 2016

In addition to a few dozen standard colors used in our powder coat line, we also now are offering 70 different patterns for hydrographic finishes.  Hydrographic finishes include a base coat, a primer coat, the hydrographic image film, and a sealer coat.  The hydrographic and powder coat finishes give us a wide array of finish options for our fabrication customers. Our 4' x 8' tanks will accomodate most tubular and plate welded fabrications that we make in-house.  Our powder coat paint line has a 24" x 24" x 96" opening and will accomodate most welded linkages, many fabricated ladders, guard rails, steps, grab handles, tubular supports and tubular braces.

9/16 x 9/16 Male Chrome Moly Rod End

Jan 02, 2015

Our MXM-9 is now available. This chrome moly spherical rod end (heim joint) has 9/16-18 RH threads and a 9/16 bore.

Heavy Duty Cables

Dec 14, 2014

Our push-pull cable product line continues to grow. Our new high efficiency cables are competitively priced and readily available in all volumes.  Midwest Control Products Corp builds cables for end users, the aftermarket, small OEM's and large OEM's. We also sell complete systems for building your own custom cables.


Nov 14, 2014

Midwest Control Products Corp continues to develop and expand our push-pull cable manufacturing business. Whether you are looking for 1 cable, or 1,000 cables, we have a fast and competitive system to provide you with a high quality, competitive cable.  In the near future we will also be introducing a new, high-performance series of cables to our manufacturing line up that features even tighter bend radii and a wrapped conduit. Feel free to contact us for more details.


Aug 06, 2014

One of our great niches is welded and powder coated fabrications. If a part's primary component is bar or tubing, and that in turn is welded to plate, flat bar, other wireforms, or other tube fabrications, and then the entire assembly is powder coated, we are very competitive in the 250 to 5000 piece production run quantities.  Other added operations such as threading, drilling, swaging, press forming, cnc bending, bearing sizing (ie: pressing in bronze bushings), laser etching, all add to our competitiveness.

1,200,000 Heims

Jun 06, 2014

We've added a few new spherical rod end bearings to our product line up. One of the ones we added today is a M6 x 1.00 male bronze raced, zerk fitted, M6 DIN Metric rod end, our DBM-6Z.  Thus, as of today, we have 1,200,000 spherical rod end bearings in stock. We offer 1,734 different rod end configurations and sizes. Of those 1,734 sku's, 857 of them are in stock.

Plasma and Poly

May 27, 2014

We've added some new manufacturing capabilities recently, including a plasma cutter and a polyurethane injection molding machine.  The plasma cutter will be used to help increase our tubular door, bumper and light bar fabricating capabilities (we purchased a tube positioner for the plasma). Our goal in beginning to mold polyurethane is to support our sway bar manufacturing capabilities.  Added with our existing capabilities of cnc tube bending, robotic welding, and powder coating, we are looking forward to some fun new projects.

WIN $25 and a chance at $500

May 05, 2014

Our friends at Steinjäger just announced a new contest today. Every entrant wins a $25 store coupon if they submit a photo to Steinjäger with a Steinjäger decal on it. Visitors to their site can vote on their favorite vehicle pics. Then, once a month, Steinjäger will give a $500 store credit to whichever photo sets gets the most votes. The contest is scheduled to go on for at least one year. Check out the rules and guidelines here.

Plasma Cutter & Poly Molding

Apr 28, 2014

Midwest Control Products has taken the plunge on two new processes: plasma cutting and polyurethane molding.  Our plasma cutter has a tube attachment and should be ready for operation by mid-June.  We started molding our first polyurethane parts last week. We've done plastic injection molding for years, so we have lots of molding and mold die building experience. We'll be ready for RFQ's on custom molded poly parts by mid-June.

Fastener Deals

Mar 24, 2014

Midwest Control Products Corp has great pricing on inch and metric jam nuts. For example, 1000 pieces of a M6 x 1.00 RH jam nut, plated zinc clear, class , is priced at $0.03 per nut in bags of 1000. Here's the quick link to the M6 nut.

M14x2.00 LH Thread Bung

Feb 14, 2014

Our M14 x 2.00 LH Thread Bungs are now available.

Jeep Video

Feb 08, 2014

Our friends at Steinjäger posted a video yesterday showing their new drop-in magnetic patent-pending mirror for Jeep TJ and Jeep JK Wranglers. It's a pretty slick design - installs in less than 2 minutes. The video link

They also have a video on how to use spherical rod end bearings to make a hood latching mechanism for Jeep Wranglers.