Seller makes no warranties either express or implied on any items offered for sale, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness or suitability for a particular purpose or application. Suitability for an application is the sole responsibility of the buyer. All published strengths, configurations, dimensions, materials, load ratings, etc. are considered reference, are NOT guaranteed, and all are subject to change without prior notice. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Photos used on this website are representative only and don't constitute a valid description or condition of the product. Refer to actual written dimensions and technical information shown on our website for an accurate representation. For applications with suitable volumes, samples can be made available upon request.

All published strengths, configurations, dimensions, tolerances, materials, load and/or strength ratings, etc. are considered reference, are NOT guaranteed, and all are subject to change without prior notice. Use at your own risk!

Additional Comments


Regardless of a specific product's name or marketing description, none of our products are warranted for use in any specific application. For example, linkage ends and/or push-pull cables applied in the wrong application will fail. We encourage our customers to know the load ratings of the linkage ends, as well as the load requirements of their application and to engineer and select their linkage end and cable choices accordingly. Any implied or express product recommendation we make is only based on cost and availability, and not on suitability for a specific application.

Ball Joints

Ball Joints (ie: ES, ESA, Qi, SQi series, etc.) are very light duty; they are typically used only in hand or foot actuated linkages.


Cables wear out. Avoid putting cables in applications where a failure to operate would cause serious injury, death, or loss of significant operator control of the machine. Never attempt to repair or modify a cable. Always use physical stops on the input loads on cables to minimize cable failures. "Heavy Duty" cables are still only appropriate for non-critical hand or foot actuated applications.

Hydraulic Hoses and Adapters

Never mix hydraulic stem and hose suppliers.

Spherical Rod Ends

See "Applications" comments above. Also note that the addition of grease zerks and studs (ie: fitted thru the i.d. of the spherical ball) will reduce the load ratings of the spherical rod end (ie: MSF, MPF, MXM, MVF, etc) dramatically.

Weldable Items

Certain items in this catalog are shown as being weldable. For the best safety results, make sure any welding is done by certified welders, and that the mating components are of the same or comparable material. For health reasons, never weld on a plated surface.

UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL, and US Postal Service Shipment Container Damage

Be advised that our prices are all FOB our shipping location. Shipping carriers require that the company initiating the shipment be the actual agent for filing a complaint if the containers are damaged and/or parts are lost in transit. Thus, if you have a damaged container, WE have to file the complaint on your behalf, but in order to do so, and thus in order for you to be reimbursed for the lost or damaged products, you need to provide to us PHOTOS of the damaged boxes immediately when you receive them, and if possible, have the delivery person sign the photo acknowledging the damage. Lastly, keep the damaged container until the claim has been paid.