Stainless Steel Metric Clevises Now Available

May 08, 2008

We are now offering stainless steel metric clevises. Part numbering nomenclature for a 6 x 12 stainless clevises would be MTC-6S-SS. Large stock now available!

Cable Assembler End Rods & Tubes Now For Sale Online

Apr 30, 2008

Cable Assemblers can now purchase our cable end rods and cable tubes (subcomponents required for building cables) online - this means no minimum orders, online inventory, and fast shipping!

Thread Bung Adjuster Nuts Now Available

Apr 25, 2008

MCP is pleased to introduce it's newest product line and idea, Threaded Bung Adjuster Nuts ('BAN'). This male/female threaded fastener allows adjustment of male spherical rod ends AFTER installation. The BAN has female threads both internally and externally, and an integral nut on which the user can adjust the fastener. As soon as you see the picture for this item, you'll understand what it does and why we're so excited about it! Search by "BAN" to see this new product.

Website now in SPANISH

Apr 18, 2008

MCP's website now has Spanish translations on all product pages. Look for the language translation pull down menu to toggle between English and Spanish.

Cable Assembler Systems (Build Your Own Cables)

Apr 18, 2008

MCP is now offering turnkey programs to select companies who wish to build their own custom cables. Interested parties should send an email to Mark at for more information.

Universal Bellcranks Now Available

Mar 11, 2008

Our MBC series of Universal Bellcranks are now available. This unique product provides multiple mounting points on a standard bellcrank housing. Great product for OEM's and hobbyists! Search by part number MBC-8-345 to see this universal product.

High Misalignment Rod Ends - MXTT Series - Now Available

Mar 03, 2008

Our new MXTT series high misalignment rod ends are now available. These rod ends have an extra wide ball (or trunion) integral to the rod end so that separate misalignment inserts are not required. MXTT rod ends are 4130 chrome moly, plated bright polished chrome, with a teflon bearing race.

Multi Carburetor Rod End Now Available

Feb 28, 2008

Midwest Control now offers rod ends with double ended female threads. Ideal for multi carburetor applications. This new product is worth looking at! Check our part number MCR-6.

Standard Push-Pull Cables Now Available Online

Feb 26, 2008

MCP now sells over 80 different standard cables online.

Aluminum Metric Clevises

Jan 03, 2008

MCP now offers aluminum metric clevises per DIN metric designs. Our 4 x 8 aluminum clevis part number is MTCA-4S.

Chromed Eye Rod Ends Now Available

Dec 05, 2007

We are now offered male chromed eye rod ends - our CRE series.

Threaded and Bent Rods

Dec 03, 2007

We are now selling standard bent and threaded rods. This new series, the PBR series, is designed to go with our HBT threaded hex bar tubes so that users can now build an adjustable linkage assembly based on bent rods.

Plastic Housing Rod Ends Now Available

Nov 26, 2007

MCP's DPF (female) and DPM (male) metric plastic-housing spherical rod ends are now available in over 16 different sizes including M6 x 1.00, M8 x 1.25, M10 x 1.50, M12 x 1.75, M16 x 2.00 and M16 x 1.50.

Turnbuckle Spherical Rod Ends Now Available in 10-32 Size

Nov 05, 2007

MCP's MSFT-3 turnbuckle spherical rod end is now available. The MSFT series of spherical rod ends feature an independent barrel which eliminates the need for left hand threads and allows easy adjustment after installation.

1.75" Rod Ends Now in Stock!

Oct 29, 2007

MCP now has MXM-28-24 male chrome moly spherical rod ends end in stock. These are 1.75"-12 RH threads with a 1.50" bore i.d.

More Zinc Clear (silver) Linkage Ends Offer

Oct 22, 2007

MCP has expanded it's offering of parts plated zinc clear (silver). Examples include ball joints (ES375Z/C), metric clevises (MTC-6S-ZC), and forged yoke ends (280180).

Multiple Currencies

Oct 15, 2007

MCP now offers products in multiple currencies include Euros, Yen and 20 other major currencies.

Aluminum High Misalignment Inserts

Oct 08, 2007

Midwest Control Products Corp (MCP) now offers ALUMINUM high misalignment inserts!