EXCITEMENT at Midwest Control Products

Feb 26, 2013

There's a buzz in the air at Midwest Control Products Corp this year... A few gearhead engineers have joined the staff and there are rumors (plans) that a new corporation is going to be spun off to focus on application-specific motorsport products. The new products will encompass a-arms, control arms, bump steer, parachute cables, throttle cables, shifting cables, camber arms, three link suspensions, four link suspensions, frame supports, j-bars, k-members, lift kits, lowering kits, panhard bars, strut tower braces, sub frame connectors, sway bars, end links (drop links), swing arms, throttle rods, track arms, torque arms, trailer bars, wobble bars, wheelie bars and wish bones.  The new corporation will offer Midwest Control Products Corp spherical rod ends and linkage ends, as well as its own brand.  The new corporation will also offer private labeling.  A key focus of the new company will be a dealer-driven approach to the marketplace. Existing Midwest Control customers will have the option of dealing with either or both companies. Stay tuned for more updates!

FEB 26 - Closed for Blizzard

Feb 26, 2013

Please note that we are CLOSED today for the blizzard! Work and phone service will resume on Feb 27th. 


Feb 11, 2013

We are pleased to announce that our 5/16-24 RH ESCH312-C2 decorative chrome ball joint is now available. The 5/16-24 LH ESCHL312-C2 is also available.  These two ball joints feature a bright decorative chrome finish.


Jan 10, 2013

We've listed a number of new products this week included chrome plated washersgrade 5 and grade 8 bolts, a 5/8 female spherical rod end bearing with both a stud and a grease zerk (our MSF-10S-Z)high misalignment inserts for 14 x 12 spherical rod end bearings (7/8 x 3/4), and new thread bungs for course thread 1-12 spherical rod end bearings (chrome moly heim joints), and much, much more!  Our webshop now lists over 9,500 different standard items including ball joints, clevis pins, clevises, clevis spring pins, spherical rod end bearings (called 'heim joints' and 'rose joints'), push-pull cables, hydraulic adapters, hydraulic hoses, forged yoke ends, jam nuts, washers, bushings, zerks, tubular linkages, connecting rods, rubber boots for rod ends, etc.


Nov 12, 2012

We are pleased to announce that our DMCS-10-ZCHF is now available. This M10 x 1.50 RH ball joint, per DIN 71802, is plated zinc clear hex free (ROHS compliant). 


Sep 14, 2012

We are pleased to announce that our new bump steer spherical rod end (heim joints) are now available in certain sizes.  This VERY unique design creates a high strength, economical solution to bump steer needs. Contact us for more details.


Aug 09, 2012

We are pleased to announce that our chrome moly metric thread bungs are now available in the following sizes: M6 x 1.00 RHM6 x 1.00 LHM8 x 1.25 RHM8 x 1.25 LHM10 x 1.50 RHM10 x 1.50 LHM14 x 2.00 RHM16 x 2.00 RHM16 x 2.00 LHM18 x 1.50 RH. More sizes are planned! These thread bungs are available with and without our DXTM series of metric chrome moly high performance spherical rod ends (heim joints, rose joints). Metric jam nuts, and high misalignment inserts are also available. 

10,000 Customers

Jun 29, 2012

We are pleased to announce that we are now serving over 10,000 customers.


Mar 15, 2012

We are pleased to announce that we now offer our DIN 71802 ball joints, our DMCS series, in ROHS compliant plating (hex free). The DMCS-5-ZCHF (M5 x 0.80 RH), DMCS-6-ZCHF (M6 x 1.00 RH), and DMCS-8-ZCHF (M8 x 1.25 RH) ball joints are now available.  Midwest Control Products Corp now stocks over 700,000 ball joints in over 350 styles and designs, in our locations in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany. Applications include throttle linkages, push-pull cables, throttle cables, clutch cables, control cables, draglinks, tie rods, gas spring ends, and more. Material available include plated steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Thread types include inch (imperial) and metric. Standards include SAE J490 Type G Style 2, and DIN 71802.


Mar 12, 2012

Midwest Control Products Corp now offers a turnkey system so that you can build your own custom heavy duty push pull cables. Our system, including all machines and tooling, costs approximately $6,500, making it the most cost effective push-pull cable building system in the market. For an additional $2,500, you can expand the system to also build custom hydraulic hose assemblies. Our cable building system allows you to build a custom push pull cable from scratch from start to finish in less than 15 minutes, giving you the ability to service walk-in customers. Our system can also be used to competitively build cables for higher volume users. Typical applications include control cables, push-pull cables, throttle cables, etc. When combined with our ball joint, clevis and spherical rod end offerings, this franchise opportunity is a great value.


Feb 10, 2012

Wir freuen uns über die Eröffnung unseres neuen Lagers in Elztal-Dallau, Deutschland. Darüber hinaus bieten wir Ihnen nicht nur unser metrischen und inch Kugelgelenke, GabelKöpfe, Federklappbozen und Winkelgelenke an sondern stellen auch Zug- und Druckkabel in Elztal-Dallau her.


Feb 02, 2012

We are pleased to announce that in just a few days we will be offering hundreds of different parts via our new German Warehouse in Elztal-Dallau, Germany. In addition to offering our metric and inch (imperial) ball joints, clevises, clevis spring pins and spherical rod ends, we will also be manufacturing push-pull cables in Elztal-Dallau.

9,200 Customers

Dec 27, 2011

We are pleased to announce that we are now serving over 9,200 customers.


Dec 22, 2011

As we prepare for our Christmas celebration, it is a great time to reflect on 2011. It has been a blessed year for us. We now serve over 9,000 customers with 10,000 standard and 10,000 custom part numbers. We have broken multiple sales records this year, including each of the last two weeks, and continue to develop new customer relationships, while strengthening relationships with our existing customers. We are expanding our global reach with a new office in Germany, and continue to build our domestic manufacturing strengths with many new machines in our factory. Yet, like so many of our customers, we are concerned about the rampant uncertainty in the various industries we serve; our customers are either low on work, or they are booming and can't find employees to hire. We see mixed signals in the commodity markets about the future direction of pricing, and we are concerned that Europe's debt concerns are a foreshadowing of what our country will face in a few short years.  So amongst so many mixed and conflicting signals, our plan for 2012 is to keep focusing on the basics: providing value for our customers, developing our employees and supply base, and serving our local community. Whether you are a customer, or someone just browsing our website, we want to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas, and great health in 2012.

Spherical Rod End (Heim Joint) Accessories

Dec 02, 2011

A few weeks ago we found ourselves in the exciting position of discussing our spherical rod end (heim joint) product line with our new German business partner (we're opening a branch in Germany in the next few weeks - an announcement with specifics is pending) and found ourselves discovering 'anew' just how many spherical rod end (heim joints) and accessories we now offer. Although we have been manufacturing spherical rod end bearings (heim joints) for 20 years (and importing for 7 years), in having to explain to someone new to our product line its evolution, it jumped out at us how quickly and broadly it had developed. Here are some highlights...

(1) Rod End Studs: We have been offering studded rod ends since day one, but the self-installable Scotty Bolt (TM) rod end stud are still relatively new and came about from a desire to give customers a rod end stud that they could install and thus would NOT have to stock both studded and non-studded rod ends (they could just have some of the self-installable studs available).  

(2) Thread Bungs: The weldable thread bungs came about because we had a few customers ask us about them. It is now a major product line for us. Our WTF series comes in 144 different sizes to fit a variety of threads and tubes. These chrome moly thread bungs are also available in kit form with our spherical rod ends (heim joints).

(3) Rubber Boots: Our family of rubber boots for spherical rod ends (heim joints) has exploded with the RS (face seal) style, the RB series (high misalignment boots), the RFS series (studded female boots) and the RMS (studded male boots). 

(4) Spacers/Heim Joint Washers: Our MCW series of spacers have been a very popular accessory with our spherical rod end bearings.

(5) Bung Adjuster Nuts: Our BAN series of parts allows the user to adjust a male spherical rod end AFTER its assembled.

(6) Ladder Bar Adjusters. Our LBA series provides a nice extension for spherical rod ends.

(7) Spherical Rod End (Heim Joint) Misalignment Inserts: This family includes zinc plated (HMBZC)stainless (HMBSS) and aluminum (HMBAL) options for high misalignment inserts. The high misalignment inserts are design to fit into the i.d. of the spherical rod end bearing (heim joint) - 2 per rod end.

(8) Assortment Kits: Our spherical rod end assortment kit line up includes metric assortment kits, industrial inch assortment kits, chrome moly rod end and thread bung kitsspeed shop chrome moly product kitssuper-flex spherical rod end kits (includes nuts, connecting tubes, etc), and then our crazy monster kits - by far the BEST VALUE rod end deal ANYWHERE.

(9) Connecting Tubes: Our plated hex steel (HBT) and aluminum hex steel (AHT) tubes provide an economical means of creating a linkage.

1.50" x 1.50" CHROME MOLY

Nov 08, 2011

We are pleased to announce that our left hand 1.50" chrome moly rod end, MXML-24, is now available.


Oct 29, 2011

We are pleased to announce that our new RMS series of rubber boots are now available. The RMS series fits studded male rod ends.


Oct 07, 2011

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our PHB series of plastic ball joints. This metric series of ball joints features of molded plastic housing and ball stud. Thread sizes now available: M5 x 0.80M6 x 1.00M8 x 1.25, and M10 x 1.50.


Oct 05, 2011

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering molded plastic clevises and clevis spring pins.  For plastic clevises with inch threads, refer to our BTCP series of clevises.  For plastic clevises with metric threads, refer to our MTCP series. We are also offering plastic clevis spring pins (our new SPP series) to go with the MTCP clevises.

8,600 Customers

Sep 19, 2011

We are pleased to announce that we are now serving over 8,600 customers