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Midwest Control Products Corp (MCP) began operations in 1967 and operates factories in Bushnell, Illinois and Sales Offices in Bushnell, IL, USA, and Oxon, United Kingdom. Originally a tube fabricator, MCP has expanded its product line over the years to now include linkages (ball joints, clevises, clevis spring pins, spherical rod ends and yoke ends), flat bar fabrications, tube fabrications, upset forgings, wireforms, contract zinc electroplating, contract powder painting, and push pull cables. Today, MCP ships to over 9,000 different OEM's (original equipment manufacturers) and distributors worldwide.

Corporate Values

We want to thank you for including Midwest Control Products Corp in your business activities. We work very diligently to be both a good customer, and a good supplier. Our hope is that both our suppliers and our customers can view us an integral partner in their business. More specifically, we hope that by both our communications and our actions, you find us to be predictable, reliable, responsive, honest, and ethical.

Accordingly, we ask that at all times, both our customers and suppliers know that we promote polite, responsive, ethical and honest communications from not only our employees, but also from our customers and suppliers. We believe that our employees must represent our values at all times. In the same way, we take seriously that our employees are not forced to work with any outside personnel - customer or supplier - that do not operate at all times in a polite, responsive, ethical and honest manner. We view customers and suppliers as key factors in our workplace climate, and will carefully avoid chronically confrontational or unethical business relationships.

We are a very financially conservative organization. We do not, and will not, borrow money. We do not expect our employees or suppliers to finance our operations. We view accounts receivable in the same manner. We pay our bills promptly, and expect the same from our customers. We expect pricing from our suppliers to reflect our prompt payment practices, and issue pricing to our customers based on the same expectation.

We ask for your support in helping us to maintain these corporate values, and for your understanding when you see us making business decisions based thereon.

Quality Systems

Registered to ISO (for all products and product lines) since 1997 with NSF of Columbia, South Carolina.

Niche Products and Processes


Components: Ball Joints, Push-Pull Cables, Clevises, Clevis Spring Pins, Yoke Ends, Spherical Rod Ends, Eye Rod Ends. We handle almost all configurations, styles and thread types of linkage ends including inch and metric sizes, SAE and DIN configurations. We stock over 1,200,000 spherical rod ends, 600,000 ball joints, and 700,000 clevises.

Rod Assemblies: Any volume, including the connecting rod and any linkage end.

Full Modules: Low to Medium Volume (250 to 25,000 pcs/year) including all linkage subcomponents, connecting rods, shift levers, rubber boots, knobs, hardware, mounting brackets, wireharness, etc.

Painting, Contract

Low to Medium Volume (< 100,000 pcs/year) - Powder Paints Only. 24" x 24" x 90" profiles.

Push Pull Cables

Any Volume - 'heavy duty' cables - thread sizes 10-32, 1/4-28, 5/16-24, 3/8-24, M5 x 0.80, M6 x 1.00, M8 x 1.25, M10 x 1.50.

Tube Fabrications

Low to Medium Volume (500 to 50,000 pcs/year) - welded, bent, painting, swaged, machined and formed structural tubes are our specialty. Typical applications include grab handles, ladders, guard rails, welded shift levers, bellcranks, supports and braces. OD's: 0.500" to 1.500". Walls: 0.06" to 0.375". We form, machine and fabricate over 900 tons of tubing per year.

Upset Forgings

Low to Medium Volume (500 to 50,000 pcs/year), diameters up to 0.750".


General: MCP excels at complicated wireforms utilizing combined processes such as threading, forming, machining, welding, collaring and painting/plating. We form, machine and fabricate over 600 tons of bar and wire per year.

Collared: Any Volume
Non-Threaded: Low to Medium Volume (500 to 50,000 pcs/year)
Threaded: Any Volume
Welded: Low to Medium Volume (250 to 50,000 pcs/year)
Materials/Sizes: Up to 0.750" diameter carbon steel (1008/1045), stainless or aluminum