South African Market

Feb 08, 2014

We've had some fun developing our customer base in South Africa these last few months.  One of the good resources we found was the Automotive Business Review. They're involved in the SA automotive performance aftermarket and are supporting members of SEMA.

Drop In Mirror for Jeep Wrangler

Feb 04, 2014

Our friends at Steinjäger, Inc just announced they are now offering a drop-in tubular mirror assembly that fits TJ and JK Jeep Wranglers. The mirror design, which is patent pending, features a high strength magnet that holds the mirror in place after installation.  The TJ mirror retails for $127.26 and is listed on the Steinjäger website as part number J0029733. The JK mirror will be listed within a few days.

Truck Body Hardware

Jan 31, 2014

If you found our site looking for truck body refrigeration hardware, check out the folks at Cottco.

10mm Ladder Bars

Jan 23, 2014

Our 10mm Ladder Bar Adjuster is now available. Our LBAX-M10 is chrome plated, made from Chrome Moly steel, and features a M10 x 1.50 LH male thread, and a M10 x 1.50 RH female thread. Great new product! 

3/4-16 x 1/2 Narrow Spherical Rod End Bearings Added

Jan 21, 2014

Lots of new products added this week...

3/4-16 RH x 1/2 Narrow Spherical Rod End Bearings ('heims'): LH and RH sizes

5/8-18 LH x 1/2 Clevises

Male Poly Bush Ends

Jan 15, 2014

If you're looking for male polyurethane rod ends (4 link bushed rod ends), check out the selection at Steinjäger:

• 1.25-12 4 Link Bush Ends

• 1-12 4 Link Bush Ends

• 7/8-14 4 Link Bush Ends

• 3/4-16 4 LInk Bush Ends

• 5/8-18 4 LInk Bush Ends

• 1/2-20 4 Link Bush Ends

They also have female bushed rod ends that function as isolated female spherical rod ends.

3/4 Inch Heim Bung Adjuster Nuts

Jan 15, 2014

Our BANL-16-12-1 Bung Adjustor Nuts are now available. External threads fits a 1-12 RH tube thread. Internal thread fits a 3/4-16 LH heim joint spherical rod end bearing.  Bung Nuts well suited for suspension 4 links. Welded and Powdercoated Suspension Tubes are available from Steinjäger (web link for suspension tubes).

Rubber Boot to Fit 1.25x1 Inch Heims

Dec 18, 2013

We are pleased to announce our RB-20-16 boot is now available. This boot is designed to fit 1.25"x1.0" spherical rod ends ('heims') that have high misalignment inserts fitted in them. These will soon be available in kit form at Steinjäger.


Nov 25, 2013

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new chrome moly solid eye rod ends to our product line up. The CRX-12-10 and CRX-12-10-1 are made from chrome moly steel, finished with a bright polished chrome. Both have 3/4-16 RH threads with the CRX-12-10-1 having a larger head diameter than the CRX-12-10. These 3/4 solid rod ends are perfect for applications where the misalignment provided by a 3/4 x 3/4 heim joint rod end or 3/4 x 5/8 heim joint rod end is not needed or wanted.

9/16-18 x 5/8 ROD END

Nov 16, 2013

We have added two new chrome moly male spherical rod end bearings to our offerings: the MXM-11-10 has a 11/16-18 RH thread x 5/8 bore and the MXML-11-10 has a 11/16-18 LH thread x 5/8 bore. We have also added two new metric rubber face seals for metric rod ends. The RS-10mm fits 10mm rod ends and the RS-12mm seal fits 12mm rod ends. These are great product enhancements for 10mm and 12mm metric sway bar end links.

New End Link Rod Ends - Extra Long

Oct 15, 2013

We now have a number of extra long chrome moly male and female rod ends available in M10 and M12 sizes. These rod ends are the perfect size for sway bar end links. Contact us and ask us to put together a proposal for your sway bar end links. Spacer washers and spherical rod end (heim joint) boots are also available.

New Metric Rod Ends

Oct 11, 2013

We have a number of new DIN metric rod ends in stock. Newest is our DBF-5Z, a M5 x 0.80 RH female spherical rod end bearing with a bronze race and fitted with a grease zerk.

Big Red Neck Trading Post

Sep 26, 2013

We encourage all forms of entrepreneurship at Midwest Control Products Corp, so when one of our employees formed an online business to sell crazy 'red neck' camo bikinis, camo sleepwear and camo prom dresses, we said 'AWESOME'! Their store is located at and is well worth the visit.

We also are great friends with the guys at THHS in the UK - great suppliers of bus and cab aftermarket components. If you're looking for a replacement HVAC part or any unique interior cab part, give them a try. They'll ship anywhere. Their web address is


Aug 16, 2013

Be sure to watch our Specials section. This week we've added 6x12 metric clevises - 1000 for $0.30 each, M10 clevis pins, 1000 for $0.05 each, M8 Ball Studs, 500 for $0.07 each, and 3/8-24 nylon raced male rod ends - 500 for $0.50 each! These specials change weekly.


Jul 31, 2013

We are pleased to announce that we have added three new jack screws, the JSX-10JSX-12 and JSX-12-A. These designs feature a chrome moly threaded rod, an integral adjusting nut, and a bright chrome finish. Inspired by Mustang double adjustable control arms, these designs are sure to be popular! The JSX-12-A features a VERY LONG 3/4-16 thread.

Steinjäger Catalog Available Online

Jul 18, 2013

Steinjäger, Inc's new catalog for Motorsport Suspension products is now available online. This new 68 page catalog features over 20,000 universal products for the production of 2 Link, 3 Link, 4 Link suspensions, sway bar end links, control arms, wishbone kits, torque arms, trailing arms, tie rods and much, much more. Steinjäger carries many Midwest Control Products rod ends.

3/4-16 ROD END KIT

Jun 06, 2013

Midwest Control chrome moly rod ends (heim joints, rose joints) are now available as complete rod end kits thru Steinjäger. Steinjäger offers over 500 different rod end kits. As an example, the 3/4-16 kit for 1.750 OD x 0.250 W tubing includes (2) 3/4-16 RH x 3/4 chrome moly male rod ends, (2) 3/4-16 LH x 3/4 chrome moly male rod ends, (2) RH jam nuts, (2) LH jam nuts, (4) bolts, (4) lock nuts, (2) RH thread bungs, (2) LH thread bungs, (4) rod end washers, (8) high misalignment inserts, and (4) rubber boots. The kit is suitable for control arms, two link suspensions, four link suspensions, panhard bars, wobble bars, track bars, etc.  The kit retails for $169.97! Great discounts for Jobbers and Dealers within the Steinjäger system. The 8 rod end version of this kit sells for $339.69!

Steinjäger Webshop Open

May 28, 2013

Steinjäger's webshop is now open. Steinjäger was formed this year by principals of Midwest Control to sell application-specific and universal suspension components. Steinjäger offer's great dealer programs, giving credit to existing Midwest Control customers, while offering multiple reasons to become a Steinjäger dealer including 17,000+ new part numbers!  Some new products worth checking out:

3/8" End Links for Sway Bars

M10 x 1.50 End Links for Sway Bars

3/8" Thread Shift Linkages

10-32 Track Car Spoiler Strut Rods

Chevrolet Camaro 1982-2002 Control Arms and Panhard Bars

Polyurethane Bushing Kits - Male

3/4-16 x 3/4" Spherical Rod End Kits

Steel Bar Cut to Length

Four Link Suspension Tubes

Four Link Suspension Tab & Clevis Kits

Steinjäger Swag

Be sure to check out Steinjäger's new site,!

Steinjäger Dealer Applications

Apr 30, 2013

Steinjäger Dealer Applications are now available online at Steinjäger is a new corporation, spun off from Midwest Control Products Corp, to provide application specific products to the motorsport industry. Steinjäger's distribution system is based on a 5-tiered pricing system designed to provide high-margin products to the Steinjäger dealer network, while still offering the best-value pricing to the end user. Steinjäger is able to do this as a result of taking the best lessons from Midwest Control Products Corp 45+ year history of fabricating high value tubular fabrications, wireforms, push-pull cables, spherical rod end bearings, and thousands of other linkage designs, and merging it with a new team of motorsport-savvy designers and enthusiasts to create an exciting, vibrant, and unique culture of high quality, great value costs, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and customer focus.  Apply today!  Steinjäger products will be available online at beginning May 17, 2013.  Steinjäger plans on adding tens-of-thousands of sku's during the next few months, and at present is already offering the following: (576) Male and (384) Female Polyurethane Bushing Assemblies, (64) Polyurethane Bushing Replacement Kits for Four Link Suspensions, (32) Weld-On Tubular Bushing and Polyurethane Kits for Four Link Suspensions, (52) 4130 Chrome Moly Steinjäger Brand Spherical Rod End Bearings, (248) Jam and Full Nut Economical Quantity Packs, (597) Male and Female  Economical Quantity Packs of Midwest Control Products Corp Spherical Rod End Bearings, (68) Economical Quantity Packs of Midwest Control Products Corp Spherical Plain Bearings, (67) Economical Quantity Packs of High Misalignment Rod End Inserts, (226) Economical Quantity Packs of Chrome Moly Thread Bungs, (15) Sway Bar End Link Clevis Kits, (3) End Links for the 2010-2011 Toyota Prius, (22) Mega Economical Quantity Packs of Suspension Hardware, Lower Control Arm and Panhard Bars for the '78-'87 Buick Regal, '82-'02 Chevrolet F-Body Camaro, '82-'88 Monte Carlo, Corvette '97-'04 C5, '05-'13 Corvette C6, '01-'04 Corvette Z06, '82-'02 Pontiac Firebird,  (864) chrome moly cut tube lengths and diameters, (937) DOM cut tube lengths and diameters, (486) HREW cut tube lengths and diameters, (144) flat bar cut lengths and widths/thicknesses, (264) cut lengths of various round bar diameters and lengths, (351) notched chrome moly, HREW and DOM tube lengths and diameters, (1) Multicarb Kit for 1968 Mustangs, (4608) Polyurethane Hardware Sets for Adjustable Poly Control Arms, Panhard Bars, 4 Link Suspensions, 3 Link Suspensions, (1061) Rod End Kits including attaching hardware and thread bungs, (2504) tab and mounting kits for 2, 3, and 4 Link Suspensions, including straight tabs, axle tabs and parallel tabs, (22) Track Car Spoiler Strut Rods, (24) square tubing cut lengths, (900) Universal Adjustable Sway Bar End Links, (22) Universal Shift Linkages, (3) Wish Bone Kits, and much, much more!

We encourage you to contact our partners at Steinjäger to learn about the great product offerings at Steinjäger, Inc!


Apr 22, 2013

Midwest Control Products Corp has officially spun off it's new motorsport company, Steinjäger, Inc.  Steinjäger is now seeking dealers for motorsport products including a-arms, control arms, sway bars, sway bar end links, Steinjäger brand spherical rod end bearings, four link suspensions, shifter linkages, parachute cables, shifter cables and much more! Send us an email at mcr (at) steinjager (dot) com for more information.  Please note, the Steinjäger website is not yet active, but will be in late May.