MKF-6, Bearings, Spherical Rod End, Female, 3/8-24 RH, Stamped Housing

Application: MKF-series spherical rod ends is heavier duty than a traditional ball joint (such as our E-series ball joints), but not as strong as a typical spherical rod end (such as our MSF series). Suitable for hand operated linkage controls where noise, slop and rattle are not a concern, such as on walk-behind commercial lawn mowers, or on consumer mower steering tie rods and drag links. Ball: low carbon steel, surface hardened for wear resistance and plated for corrosion resistance. Housing: low carbon steel, plated for corrosion resistance. Mounting Stud: an optional feature specified by adding an "S" after the nominal size (i.e., MKF-6S), mounting studs are made from low carbon steel, and are plated and dichromate treated for corrosion resistance. Standard stud threads are right hand. Specify mounting studs on your spherical rod ends to minimize assembly time, reduce the number of purchased components, overcome workspace limitations and increase the total misalignment to a minimum of 50°. Stem Threads: specify left hand stem threads by adding an "L" before the "-" (i.e., MKFL-6).

California Residents: WARNING

3/8-24 RH

Stamped Housing

Weight (lbs): 0.14

Threads Studded? A (Bore) D E F G H J K M N O
3/8-24 RH No 0.376 na na na 1.625 0.875 1.125 na 0.400 0.500 0.725

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