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SMFK-750-1: Spherical Rod End 'Monster Flex' Assortment Kit

These kits are called 'Monster' because of the large number of components, and the huge value you get with them. This assortment of rod ends, hex bar connecting tubes, rubber boot face seals, washers, jam nuts, and high misalignment inserts is designed to be the best value in the market.All rod ends are our MXM chrome moly series.All high misalignment inserts are our zinc plated HMBZC series.All HBT connecting tubes are plated zinc yellow.All MCW washers are plated zinc clear.All jam nuts are plated zinc clear for the 1/2 and 3/4 series, and zinc yellow for the 5/8 series.

Part Number SMFK-750-1
System Inch
Nominal Size 3/4-16
1st Item & Qty (4) pcs of 4" HBT12-4.00 hex tube
2nd Item & Qty (4) pcs of 6" HBT12-6.00 hex tube
3rd Item & Qty (4) pcs of 7" HBT12-7.00 hex tube
4th Item & Qty (2) pcs of 9" HBT12-9.00 hex tube
5th Item & Qty (2) pcs of 13" HBT12-13.00 hex tube
6th Item & Qty (2) pcs of 16" HBT12-16.00 hex tube
7th Item & Qty (16) pcs of MXM-12 RH chrome moly rod end
8th Item & Qty (16) pcs of MXML-12 LH chrome moly rod end
9th Item & Qty (4) pcs of MXM-12-10 RH 3/4 x 5/8 chrome moly rod end
10th Item & Qty (4) pcs of MXML-12-10 LH 3/4 x 5/8 chrome moly rod end
11th Item & Qty (64) pcs of RS750 rubber seal
12th Item & Qty (32) pcs of MCW-12 washer
13th Item & Qty (12) pcs of HMBZC-12-10 high misalignment insert (3/4 -> 5/8)
14th Item & Qty (6) pcs of HMBZC-12-8 high misalignment insert (3/4 -> 1/2)
15th Item & Qty (25) pcs of 3/4-16 RH zinc clear jam nut
16th Item & Qty (25) pcs of 3/4-16 LH zinc clear jam nut
  CAD Model
Estimated Shipping
Postal Code
Ships From Quantity 1 2 3 4 5 10 25 50 75 100 250 500 1000 1000+

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Monster Spherical Rod End Heim Joint Assortment Kit. Jam Nuts. Hex Bar Connecting Tube. Rod End Boots. High Misalignment Inserts. Rod End Washers and Spacers. Suspension Linkage. Build your own universal panhard bar kit. Threaded style lowering link.

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