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CNC Wireforming

Application: MCP has CNC wireforming capacity for 3/16" through 5/8" (5mm to 15mm) diameter wire. Extensive secondary forming and machining capabilities allow an endless configuration of rod fabrications and wireforms. MCP also fabricates solid rods up to 1.0" diameter with rotary benders and presses. CNC bending allows repeatable short runs, less tooling, shorter lead times, and lower production costs.

End Straight Length: specify a minimum straight length of at least four material diameters to avoid the cost of secondary operations; less than four material diameters is available at additional cost.

Secondary Forming Operations: Avoid having bend radii intersect with any flat transition areas. However, bends may be placed in the flat area, but as a secondary operation.

Straight Length Between Bends: specify a minimum straight length of at least four material diameters between bends, to permit clamping and reduce the need for special tooling.

Finish: plain, painted or plated are available. If plating is specified, standard MCP plating is zinc with a yellow dichromate treatment.

Materials: carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel in wire, tubing (up to 1.25" O.D. x .060" Wall) and flat bar (up to 1/4" x 1.0") on CNC Wireformer.


Bend Radius: where possible, the inside bend radius should be at a minimum of one material diameter (i.e., a 1/2" inside bend radius for a 1/2" diameter rod). One or two bend radii are allowed on a given part. If more than two radii are required, the part will be fabricated on a rotary bender or a press. Specify bend radii as a pin diameter or an inside radius.

Dimensioning: drawings should be based on centerline dimensions (exception: see "Bend Radius" notes).

Cost Savings Tip: Choose zinc plating with a yellow dichromate finish instead of paint.


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